These pages tell the story of my 1,000 Mile solo traverse of the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. Check out the links to the right for a map of the route, my trail journal and photos, my gear list, FAQ and more. After this hike I produced a popular DVD documentary of my adventure, Alone Across Alaska: 1,000 Miles of Wilderness, Click here! Some reviews appear below. Make sure you check out my journal and photos of this trip!

If there were an Oscar for indie adventure films, Bruce “Buck” Nelson would be a runaway winner. Backpacker Magazine

I can honestly say without reservation, that it is the best hiking video that I have ever watched. I give it 5 stars, and two thumbs up! Jeffrey Hunter, Staff member American Hiking Society

EXCELLENT job. (We) watched the DVD last night and were most impressed. You did a great job with the technical aspects and we can’t wait for future productions…PS I’ll be ordering more next year!!

WOW!!!! Can’t wait to show it to the rest of my family when they come at Christmas. The scenery was spectacular, the colors unmatched, a great adventure to say the least. Congratulations on another great video!

AWESOME & very well done !!…The video has great scenery, unreal closeups of different animals & just overall very impressed.

Thanks for the fabulous DVD entitled Alone Across Alaska: 1,000 Miles of Wilderness. This is the most meaningful film we have ever seen.

We thought your first DVD was good. This one is even better! When it was over, I felt like I should be draining the water from my boots and wringing out my socks…. 😉 I admire your zen-like calmness when being “stalked” by that grizzly. I’m not sure I could have been so calm with that bear getting bigger and bigger in the view finder.

Your new DVD is FANTASTIC. My wife and I were completely blown away by that wonderful documentary you created. It was just beautiful. Not only was the photography top quality, the cinematography, the dialog, the content and technical editing were the best. My wife remarked it should be on National Geographic. I’ll pass the word about the DVD whenever I get the opportunity.

A great DVD to add to the collection. This DVD rivals “Alone in the Wilderness” (my all-time favorite.)

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