It was a beautiful day today, mild winds and sunny. I wish it would stay like this for the next month!

There was a little current as I neared Pierre. Several fishing boats were trying their luck. I found the side channel leading to town and landed in a park. With everything carried up to a grassy area I sorted through things, throwing out all trash, and taking inventory of remaining food. I set aside two items to mail to a friend, my warmest jacket, no longer needed, and my wading Crocs which didn’t work for me when my feet got muddy and slippery. 

I put small valuables in my pack then stashed the boat in a well hidden spot. On the way to the grocery store I stopped at a cafe for an epic pulled pork burger. 

The “grocery store” was a head scratcher. It appeared to be a combo butcher-baker with a bunch of assorted drinks. There was almost nothing for foods that I wanted. 

Later Patrick Wellner of the Missouri River Paddlers met me with my package containing my spare eyeglasses, the package that has been chasing me. Thanks Patrick! 

I next walked to the Post Office and mailed off my stuff, then on to the Dakotamart, a REAL grocery store. After leaving with enough food for the next 8 days or so I stopped for TWO ice cream cones. 

Before I got back to the boat I remembered I needed a lighter. That oversight led me past a thrift store with tons of books. I bought two for what looks like upcoming wind days. 

It turned out to be a lot of walking, but at last I was repacked and paddling. There was the causeway to cross and I thought it was going to be a big hassle. But I put my cart together, portaged and was paddling again in less than 15 minutes!

Near the Lake Oahe dam is a campground. I packed everything over the riprap then put the cart together and loaded the boat for the third-and-half time today. It was an easy wheel to my campsite. 

I got a good hot shower and washed my clothes in the sink. Next door were four fisherman. They asked if I wanted a burger. Sure!  We swapped stories while I ate two burgers. Thanks guys!  

As mentioned, it looks like several consecutive days of wind coming up starting tomorrow afternoon. I might get stuck with no coverage but I’ll update when I can. Colter

Clark: 23rd Septr…three Souex boys Came to us Swam the river and informd that the Band of Soauex called the Teton of 80 Lodges were Camped at the next Creek above, & 60 Lodges more a Short distance above, we gave those boys two Carrots of Tobacco to Carry to their Chiefs, with derections to tell them that we would Speek to them tomorrow…

Clark: 24th of September…Colter ran up the bank & reported that the Sioux had taken his horse, we Soon after Saw five indians on the bank; who expressed a wish to come on board, we informed them we were friends, and wished to Continue So, we were not abraid any Indians—Some of their young Men had Stolen a horse Sent by their Great Father to their great Chief, and we Should not Speak to them any more untill the horse was returned to us again…
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