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Dall Sheep Hunting in Alaska Book Cover Detail
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Dall Sheep Hunting in Alaska Book Cover
Updated Second Edition

Sheep Hunting in Alaska: The Dall Sheep Hunter's Guide, 2nd Edition is the newest and best reference book for Dall sheep hunters. In addition to the material from the first edition, this edition also contains extensive instruction on getting into "sheep shape," advice on the newest footwear, clothing, gear and food for the weight-conscious hunter. The latest adaptations of sheep to increased hunting pressure and the newest strategies for achieving hunting success are discussed. A new section with some of the author's most memorable hunts had been added, including the story of the World Record Pope & Young Dall sheep. Anyone who hunts or wants to hunt Dall sheep should read this classic. Your safety, comfort and success will be improved by reading what this renowned author/hunter/professional guide has to say.

Chapter Content:

  • Why to hunt sheep
  • How to get in shape
  • The best footwear and clothing
  • How to choose backpacking equipment
  • Guns, bows and optics
  • Food for the high country
  • Sheep behavior
  • Hunting strategies
  • Care of meat and trophies
  • Trophy sheep and how to judge them
  • Where to hunt
  • Scoring Charts
  • Range maps
  • Gear checklist

46 Inch Dall Sheep Ram!

  • Author: Tony Russ
  • Publisher: Northern Publishing
  • Binding: Paperback or Hardcover
  • Pages: 256
  • Photos: 112
  • Charts and Illustrations: 6
  • Copyright: 2002
  • ISBN: 0-9639869-6-1 (0963986961)
  • New
Sheep Hunting: Backpacking it Out


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