Picture of My Alaska Air Taxi

Imagine flying into the remote wilderness of the Alaskan Arctic, landing on an unmarked gravel bar, and then standing alone as your bush pilot flies away, knowing that you will be completely alone in the wilderness for many weeks.

Picture of Climbing in the Brooks Range of Alaska

The next morning, shoulder your pack and begin your hunt, climbing the mountains and crossing the divides in search of trophy Dall Sheep.

Unguided Caribou Hunting in Alaska

Imagine floating quietly in your raft down a remote Alaskan river and rounding a corner to be confronted by a herd of magnificent bull caribou, including several record book candidates.

Picture of Calico Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Drift over a smooth run of clear water and scramble for your fishing rod when you see the river is filled with salmon.

Picture of Alces Alces, on an Unguided Moose Hunt in Alaska

Stalk the giant and powerful Alaskan bull moose.

Photo of Float Hunting and Raft in the Alaska Wilderness

Travel through magnificent fall scenery with a raft full of meat and antlers.

Angry Grizzlies on an Alaska Hunt

Face angry grizzlies looming so close on the steep bank you can hear them pop their jaws.

With this video you can experience this adventure as it happens. Walk 200 miles during three weeks of mountain hunting without seeing another human being. Then spend three more weeks rafting 500 miles down a string of three (identified) wilderness rivers as you float-hunt for moose and caribou, and fish for arctic grayling, pike, and salmon.

The pictures are actual screen captures from the video, but are low resolution for fast loading.

“I was stunned by the breath-taking scenery and his ethical stance on hunting. Buck’s river adventure instilled a sense of thought, amazement, and pure delight that lasted three days.” Larry Bartlett; Author, Wilderness Guide

“Having watched a lot of hunting videos…this is the best ever” William P., Cleveland, TN

“Truly awesome documentary. Not a Hollywood flick, wild scenery. Breathtaking!!” John B., Cheyenne, WY

“A spectacular video” The Buffalo News

“The best hunt video ever not just kills but the whole deal!!” Dan B., Manitowoc, WI

“100 Times Better Than Any Other Hunting Video Out There!!!” Jim B., State Road, NC

“Wow! What can I say? I’ve finally had some time to write you a note about the video. Not that I haven’t watched it five times already! What an incredible adventure. What a great time. What a great job you did filming and editing. I felt like I was there with you.” Dan M. Newark, DE

“I thought the tape really captured some of the things that make Alaska unique, without sugar-coating the experience. You see the rain, hear the wind, feel the wet snow blowing against your cheek.” Michael Strahan, Alaska Registered Guide

Each photo on this page is an actual frame from the video!

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  • Length: 75 minutes
  • Copyright: DVD 2008
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