Alaska Hunting Adventure: 700 Miles Alone by Backpack and Raft is the story of a six week, solo hunt into the heart of the Alaskan Wilderness.

Below are actual screen shots from the DVD.

Boone and Crockett Caribou?
Record Book Caribou Bull
Picture of Big Dall Sheep
A Fine Dall Ram
Picture of Fighting a Wilderness Fish
Catching Dinner
Picture of Loaded Raft
Loaded Raft
Picture of Angry Grizzlies Hunting
Angry Grizzlies
Picture of Spin Fishing
Landing a Northern Pike
Picture Trophy Bull Moose
Brooks Range Bull Moose
Picture of Arctic National Wildlife REfuge
Sunrise in Sheep Country
Picture of Sunrise on the Yukon River
Sunrise on the Yukon River
Picture of Dragging the Raft
Shallow Water
Picture of Grizzly With CAribou He Killed
Grizzly on a Bull Caribou Kill
Picture of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Picking the Channel
Picture of Salmon Fishing
A Heavy Chum Salmon
Picture of Cow and Calf Moose
Moose Watering in the River
Picture of Packing the Raft
Launching in the Snow
Picture of Winter Arriving
End of the Hunt
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