Joe’s buddy Kevin came back Thursday evening bringing hot dogs, breakfast sausages, and orange juice. Laura Malzner of the Missouri River Paddlers came by as well. What a friendly bunch!

Laura offered to give me a ride back to the trail in the morning. (My rule is I have to do the whole Trail under my own power, on side trips only are rides accepted.) Laura picked up the phone right away at 6:15 AM, zipped over to pick me up, and I was cheerfully delivered to the trail. She sent me off with a small bag of fresh fruit as well. Thanks Laura!  

Several whitetails ran along the trail. It is strange how few I’d seen recently. 

Here is the pallet of colors along the trail this time of year: grass green, new leaf green, blossom white, blossom pinkish-purple, field dirt brown, tree bark gray-green, sky blue, cloud gray-white.

Hartsburg Church

Hartsburg Baptist Church

I was strangely chilled, and my minor cough got worse and I was losing steam.  Some kind of upper respiratory issue. Coincidentally, I passed a history sign where Lewis or Clark was quoted as suffering from a bad cold. I’d only done maybe ten miles, but I was going to camp and rest. 

I set up my tent in a hidden spot and slept and slept and slept, warm and dry. It was exactly what I needed. 

Clark June Sunday 3rd 1804 …We made other Observations in the evening after the return of Capt Lewis from a walk of three or four ms. round…

Several Deer Killed to day at the mouth of the Murow Creek I Saw much Sign of war parties of Inds. haveing Crossed from the mouth of this Creek. I have a bad Cold with a Sore throat … & am Tormented with Musquetors & Small ticks. Near West 5 Miles

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