It froze again last night, but I like sleeping when it’s cool. I decideded I had little choice but detour off the route, adding a couple of miles, to go into Higginsville for resupply and to rewater. It’s true there are streams in this farm country but I don’t care for the looks of them, drinking-wise. 

I walked the seven miles or so to Higginsville straight through. At the detour turnoff was the Confederate Memorial State Historic Site. The Civil war must have been especially terrible in these border states where it was often neighbor against neighbor. How did they ever get over it and be neighbors again?

In Higginsville I ate a late breakfast, followed an hour later by an early lunch. Then I walked across the street to resupply at a store. 

I walked out of town with two days of supplies including 5 quarts of water. It’s a bit frustrating knowing I’ll be walking past countless hydrants and faucets whose owners would usually be happy to let me have some for the asking. That’s still a Plan B if I come up short of course. 

Quite windy again in the PM. My alternate route took me down a quiet gravel road. I was the highlight of the day for many farm dogs. None wanted trouble. All doing their duty. Saw a just-born all-wet calf. He’ll dry quickly in the wind!  

Decided to “call it a day” a bit early to rest a sore right shin. My theory: I often get what might be mild shin splints while road walking, and as I recall it tends to be my right leg. My theory is the the road crown (slope) tends to exacerbate pronation on my right foot. Any informed opinions?  Colter

Clark June 18th Monday Some raind last night, Sent out 6 Hunters to day across the R. they Killed 5 Deer & Colter a Bear verry fat we continue to repare our ropes & make oars all day, heavy rain all the fore pt. of the day, the party Drying meat & greesing themselves, Several men with the Disentary, and two thirds of them with ulsers or Boils… Mesquetors verry bad we finish our Cords & oars this evening Men in Spirits

Trip overview and route map with position updates: