Today I took my first “zero day” where I did zero miles. Like most zeros it was still busy. I recharged electronics. Researched a bunch of stuff. I bet it took nearly an hour to shave. An electric clippers first would have sped up the operation. As it was I spent most of the time cleaning the razor. 

Of course there were big meals to eat. I’ve probably lost five pounds so far. 

I did my tiny load of laundry and dried it in the sun. I hung the rest of my gear to dry, sorted through things for trash and to reorganize. There was a bank issue to iron out with an amazingly dim organization. Traveling complicates this sort of thing. My “real” bank was great in helping me deal with the dopes. 

There were emails to answer. Website fixes. Keeping an online journal is time consuming but satisfying. 

I would have shopped today but it’s a mile to a decent store. I’ll shop on my way back to the trail in the morning. 

Despite mostly 20 mile days, my true average, including a half sick-day and a short day to go into Jefferson City, and today’s “zero day” is about 15 miles. Hopefully my feet will adapt to the hard surfaces. The current pace has been right so far, regardless. 

Trip overview and route map with position updates: