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Resting on a storm day

Progress Map

Progress Map

Showers early, becoming a steady rain for the afternoon. Windy. Thunder possible. High 54F. Winds E at 25 to 35 mph.  

That was today’s weather report. It was pouring rain outside and the wind was slamming rain into the window. At breakfast I checked other weather websites. It is really easy to think of excuses to take days off, but I’ve only had one full day off in over a month. This would be a good day for another. 

With most of my chores done yesterday evening, I dedicated the day to goofing off, eating, channel surfing and researching the route ahead, including my route to visit the Sergeant Floyd monument tomorrow, and a place to camp later, without having to over 25 miles or so. 

I also went on Facebook to the Missouri River Paddlers group to ask about the best route through the braided River above Lewis and Clark Lake, likely the most confusing part of the river. Several people were kind enough to respond. 

The storm let up this afternoon, but it’s raining and thundering again this evening. I’m planning an early start tomorrow.  Colter

9th Augt Thursday 1804…Musquetors worse this evening than ever I have Seen them. Clark 
August 11th Satturday 1804 about day this morning a hard wind from the N. W. followed by rain, we landed at the foot of the hill on which Black Bird The late King of the mahar who Died 4 years ago & 400 of his nation with the Small pox was buried (1) and went up and fixed a white flag bound with Blue white & read on the Grave which was about 12 foot Base & circueller, on the top of a Penical about 300 foot above the water of the river, from the top of this hill may be Seen the bends or meanderings of the river for 60 or 70 miles round… Clark

Trip overview and route map with position updates:

Miles, and Miles, and Miles

Sean Phillips dropped me off where he picked me up in Platte City. We shook hands and I thanked him again for his hospitality. 

It might have been the prettiest day of the whole hike, a light breeze, sunny, warm but not hot. 

Sean texted me. Noting I was hiking through Weston, he directed me to O’Malley’s Pub. It was perfect. I sat in the shade and ate a giant burger. 

Weston was a really cool little town. It had a bit of a groovy vibe, unusually nice old houses, big trees, early flowers. 


Weston, MO

Weston, MO

I tallied up the mileage for the trip so far:

Missouri River miles, about 400

Lewis and Clark Bike Trail, 381

My miles, based on the bike route, about 340. 

I passed a ski area (!). There was a train track paralleling the road, with giant lines of coal cars. I found a campsite in the leaves on a hillside flat spot. There was a low ridge between the tracks and my camp. Animals were rummaging around the leaves when it got dark. Possums and coons likely. An owl glided silently against the night sky. Meteors streaked overhead. 


28 June Thursday…This River [Kansas] recves its name from a nation which dwells at this time on its banks & 2 villages one about 20 Leagues & the other 40 Leagues up, those Indians are not verry noumerous at this time, reduced by war with their neighbours, &c. they formerly liveid on the South banks of the Missouries 24 Leagues above this river in a open & butifull plain and were verry noumerous at the time the french first Settled the Illinois, I am told they are a fierce & warlike people, being badly Supplied with fire arms, become easily conquered by the Aiauway & Saukees who are better furnished with those materials of war, This nation is now out in the plains hunting the Buffalow our hunters Killed Several Deer and Saw Buffalow, [first of the trip] men impd Dressing Skins & makeing themselves Comfortable

29th of June 1804…

Passed a verry bad place of water, the Sturn of the Boat Struck a moveing Sand & turned within 6 Inches of a large Sawyer, if the Boat had Struck the Sawyer, her Bow must have been Knocked off & in Course She must hav Sunk in the Deep water below…The Court Convened agreeable to order and proceeded to the trial of the Prisoners Viz John Collins Charged “with getting drunk on his post this morning out of whiskey put under his Charge as a Sentinal and for Suffering Hugh Hall to draw whiskey out of the Said Barrel intended for the party”…The Court after mature deliveration on the evidence abduced &c. are of oppinion that the prisoner is Guilty of the Charge exibited against him, and do therefore Sentence him to recive one hundred Lashes on his bear Back.

Trip overview and route map with position updates:


Wind, Rain and Sun

It started out a calm, bluebird day. For a long while yesterday there was no shoulder to the road. Today there were very wide gravel shoulders. The morning sun was behind me, casting my ling shadow ahead. I like to walk facing traffic, not being a believer in unnecessary blind trust. But this morning the folks in my lane were driving into the blinding sun, so I walked on the other side, at the far edge of the shoulder. 

I got to a hill and could see five miles ahead, up and down gentle hills. 

“I’ll do it in one push” I told myself, and did. 

When I stood up from my break later and looked behind me, my bluebird day was being erased by dark rushing clouds with curtains of blue rain beneath them.  The wind hit and with startling rapidity here was the rain. I  geared up, rain clothes flapping, deja vu.  

Yet soon blue sky appeared and the rain ceased. The wind stayed fierce for the rest of the day. The sun and rain battled it out, the sun the ultimate victor. 

At one point dust became a serious issue. Passing cars nearly disappeared as they slowed, trying to see. My eyes were getting gummy and grit crunched in my teeth. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes. 

Today was the day when farmers appeared, working their fields. I’m guessing this is when corn traditionally gets planted in this part of Missouri. There were giant tractors, disks, planters. 

I was getting low on water. Ahead was an old gas station. Out of business apparently. I walked over just in case and by golly they were open. Not only that but  I got pizza and ice cream. Major score.  

My feet were feeling it and I was weary of getting buffeted by wind. I watched for a camp spot and lucked out with a dandy: a grassy bench in a ravine, mostly protected from the still roaring winds. 

sheltered camp

sheltered camp


11th June 1804 Monday The N W. wind blew hard & Cold as this wind was imediately a head, we Could not proceed we took the advantage of this Delay and Dried our wet articles examin’d Provisions &c. &c. the river begining to fall the hunters killed two Deer G. Drewyer Killed two Bear in the Prarie, they were not fat. we had the meat Jurked and also the Venison, which is a Constant Practice to have all the fresh meat not used, Dried in this way.


 June 12, 1804 …2 Caussease Came Down from the Soux nation, we found in the party an old man who had been with the Soux 20 years & had great influence with them, we provld. on this old man Mr. Duriaur to return with us, with a view to get Some of the Soux Chiefs to go to the U. S. purchased 300 lb. of Voyagers Grece @ 5 $ Hd. made Some exchanges & purchuses of Mockersons…

June 13…the antient Missourie Indians had a Village, at this place 300 of them were killed by the Saukees…this nation once the Most Noumerous is now almost extinct, about 30 of them, liveing with Otteaus on the R. Platt, the remainder all distroyed…

June 17

Clark, June 17, 1804 June 17 Sunday 1804 Cloudy Wind, S. E. Set out early S. 65 ° W 1 Me. Came too to Make ores, and a Cord for a Toe Rope all this day imployed in getting out Ores, & makeing for the use of the Boat out of a large Cable rope which we have, G Drewyer Came up a Bear & 2 Deer, also a fine horse which he found in the woods, Supposed to have been left by Some war party from the osages, The Ticks are numerous and large and have been trousom all the way and the Musquetors are beginning to be verry troublesome, my Cold Continues verry bad the French higherlins Complain for the want of Provisions, Saying they are accustomed to eat 5 & 6 times a day, they are roughly rebuked for their presumption, the Country about abounds in Bear Deer & Elk and the S. S. the lands are well timbered and rich for 2 ms. to a butifull Prarie which risies into hills…

Trip overview and route map with position updates:

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