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See my updated list, here. This is a list of the gear I carried on the Pacific Crest Trail. What I actually carried from day to day varied, depending on how close I was to supply, where I was along the trail, and so on. I come up with a total base pack weight of about 11 pounds 12 oz. That is what was on my back minus food and water. When I was carrying one liter of water and three days worth of food (2 lbs a day for me) my pack weighed about 19 pounds, 12 ounces, “average.” On my heaviest carry between Kennedy Meadows and Vermillion Valley Resort, I started out with about 18 pounds of food and about three pounds of extra gear, like bear canister and an ice axe. That made my heaviest pack about 32 pounds.If you notice any errors, please let me know.
Item Brand Name Comment Oz.
The “Big Four”
Backpack Golite Pinnacle 2008 Model 25.0
Shelter/Stakes Six Moon Designs Wild Oasis Includes 2 oz of stakes 15.0
Sleeping Bag Marmot Hydrogen Older model 23.0
Sleeping Pad Ridgerest (Trimmed) Bomber, also doubles as pack frame 14.0
Subtotal: 4 lbs 13 ozs
Clothing in Pack
Thermal Bottom Patagonia Midweight Capilene Part of my sleep system 7.0
Jacket Montbell Alpine Light Down Jacket Also part of my sleep system 16.0
Rain Shell Outdoor Research Zealot Replaces my old Red Ledge Thunderlight 7.7
Sleeping Socks Possum Wool Light, warm, saved for sleeping only 2.0
Underwear Under Armour Boxerjock Popular hiker choice 4.8
Socks Darn Tough, 1/4 Sock, Mesh 1.4
Warm Hat Turtle Fur Micro Fur Balaclava 1.1
Gloves Possum Blend Gloves Light and warm but abrade easily 1.5
Subtotal: 2 lbs 9.5 ozs
Cooking Items
Stove/Pot/Stand Caldera Keg Efficient, compact 6.3
Fuel HEET, Denatured, Rubbing (alcohols) Usually Heet, ave. weight used 5.0
Utensils Spoons (2) “Carry-Out” style .2
Ignition Mini Bics (2) No “survival toys” needed. 1.0
Subtotal: 0 lbs 12.5 ozs
Water Carriers Platypus Two, 2.5 Liter 2.4
Water Bottle Generic Empty Liter Water Bottle 1.1
Water Treatment Aquamira Water Drops ‘A’ and ‘B’ bottles 3.0
Subtotal: 0 lbs 6.5 ozs
Map PCT Atlas Combines maps and data 5.7
Compass Suunto Clipper Worn on watch band .1
Lights Photon II Micro-Light x 2 LED lights are awesome .3
First Aid Various See below for list 6.0
Pocket Knife Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Has scissors, blade, toothpick, tweezers .7
Cordage Parachute Cord For bear bagging, etc. 1.0
Duct Tape 10 feet For blister prevention, gear repair, etc. 2.0
Subtotal: 0 lbs 15.8 ozs
Sanitation and Hygiene
Toilet paper Standard Partial Roll 2.0
Toothbrush Generic/w cap Yes, I cut the handle in half .5
Toothpaste Generic Small tube .5
Hand Sanitizer Prefense Weight estimated 2.5
Subtotal: 0 lbs 5.5 ozs
Sleep Bag Sack Generic With turkey roasting bag liner 1.0
Food Sack Generic Silnylon .8
Pack Liner Hefty 18 gal? Trash compactor bag 2.2
Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8K 5.0
Permits Government Issue Fire, Thru-Hike, Canada entry .5
Bandana ADZPCTO Cotton 1.0
Data Yogi, etc Yogi’s Handbook section , etc. 3.0
Spare Glasses Prescription With case and clip-ons 2.5
Tripod UltraPod Camera Tripod 1.6
MP3 Player, Recorder Iriver T60 For audio journal, Radio, Music 1.7
Cell Phone Kyocera With charger 5.1
Wallet Generic Credit Card, Cash, Driver’s Lic. in ziploc 1.0
Monocular Brunton 7×18 1.8
Batteries Various Spare Camera and MP3 2.4
Hip Belt Pocket Gossamer Gear Large .8
Subtotal: 1 lb 14.4 ozs
Worn or Carried Outside Pack
Underwear Under Armour Boxerjock 6″ legs 4.8
Long Sleeve Shirt Trekmor Travel Shirt Good for sun 9.0
Pants/Shorts Mountain Hardwear Mesa Pants Convertible to shorts 13.0
Socks Darn Tough, 1/4 Sock, Mesh Mixed and matched w/ 1/4 cushion socks 1.4
Socks Darn Tough 1/4 Cushion Mixed and matched w/ 1/4 mesh socks 2.4
Shoes Asics Gel Kayano Highly subjective. Try on many models and brands ~20.0
Sunglasses Prescription Madatory 1.0
Sun Hat REI Vented Explorer Hat (weight guessed) 5.0
Trekking Poles Yana Poles Originally Titanium Goat 6.8
Wristwatch Casio Databank 150 Calculator, Phone #s, Time 1.0
Subtotal: 4 lbs 0 ozs
Carried in the Sierras, Washington or as needed
Rain Pants Mont-Bell Versalite Will have in Washington 9.7
Rain Mitts eMountain Laurel Designs eVENT Rain Mitts 1.2
Ice Axe CAMP USA Corsa Ice Axe For the Sierras 7.0
Bear canister Bear Vault BV500 Kennedy Meadows to Sonora Pass (see Yogi’s Guidebook) 41.0
Bug Repellant Repel 100 Picked up at Kennedy Meadows 1.0
Subtotal: 3 lbs 12 ozs
I swapped out my Wild Oasis for a Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo 23 oz. in Cascade Locks. It’s floor was nice in the rain.