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  1. Hey Buck,

    I am writing this from Bettles, AK, on the south slope of the Brooks Range, where I have spent the winter dog mushing. I am writing to you because I am seriously contemplating a traverse. Last summer, I spent 50 days guiding a backpacking trip in ANWR and now I am contemplating going back. My question is simple: what would you estimate the TOTAL cost of the traverse including the all gear/food/resupplies/flights (including borrowed gear) ? Between $6,000-$10,000? Over $10,000? I am beginning to research for a potential attempt this summer starting mid June. Love to hear from you!

    • Hi John,
      Sounds like you’ve been having a great time exploring Alaska already! The cost of a traverse is really hard to estimate for someone else. It all depends on how much new gear you plan to buy, how expansive those purchases are, whether you’ll be eating expensive freeze dried foods or grocery store foods, how carefully you compare flying options, etc. That said, I think $6,000 to $10,000 is a good estimate.
      Have a great summer!

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