Float Hunting Alaska’s Wild Rivers This book is nearly priceless when it comes to planning a float hunt in Alaska.
Hunt Alaska Now by Dennis Confer Hunt Alaska Now My top choice in “how-to” books for unguided hunting in Alaska.
Video Sleeve Alaska Hunting Adventure: 700 Miles Alone by Backpack and Raft is a video featuring the highlights from five hours of footage of a dream hunt in the Alaska wilderness! This video will take you over the mountains after Dall sheep, into huge caribou herds, and have you checking the safety on your rifle as grizzlies pop their jaws! A truly unique video. Check out the screen shots. Direct link to order
Wildenerness Taxidermy: DVD Wilderness Taxidermy, DVD By expert float hunter and author Larry Bartlett. Do you hunt remote areas? If you’d like to preserve your trophy animal this is the DVD for you!
Float Hunting Alaska Video: DVD Float Hunting Alaska, DVD A new how-to video by expert float hunter and author Larry Bartlett. The best video available on the topic!
Sheep Hunting in Alaska Sheep Stalking in Alaska: A Step-by-Step Guide is a book explaining exactly how to get within shooting range of a Dall ram, whether you are hunting with rifle, pistol or bow. Contains the stories and diagrams of 49 different stalks. Every Dall sheep hunter should own this book.
Upland Hunting in Alaska Book Cover Upland Hunting in Alaska: The Bird Hunter’s Guide is the ultimate source for hunting grouse and ptarmigan in Alaska.
Video Sleeve Bear Hunting in Alaska: The Brown & Grizzly Bear Hunter’s Guide is the long-awaited, how-to guide for hunters pursuing the largest bears on earth. Retired Registered Guide and accomplished hunter Tony Russ gives away all the secrets of when & where to hunt, stalking bears, judging bears, shooting bears, and trophy care. Along with the basics of hunter preparation, gear selection, camping in bear country, bowhunting bears, and bear safety, this is the definitive work on hunting the big bears of Alaska. Anyone who hunts bears or who spends any time in the Alaskan outdoors will be well-prepared after reading this complete work on these amazing creatures. -296 pages, 131 photos.
Fishing Video A Complete Guide to Float Hunting Alaska is a powerful collection of field data backed up by 20 years of Alaska river hunting experience. This book is a well-organized, extensive reference overflowing with river hunting techniques and insights to wildlife behavior which are essential to your success as a float hunter.
Experienced hunters agree that a journal of this magnitude is well over-due and novice hunters find it an indispensable guide to the art of hunting along Alaska rivers.
Caribou Hunting Caribou Hunting: A Guide to Alaska’s Herds Another great book by author Larry Bartlett. This is an invaluable book for caribou hunters. One of the best things about this book is the author’s enthusiasm: he isn’t a writer who hunts, he’s a hunter who writes. He loves the Alaskan outdoors and has a vast amount of experience hunting here. Caribou Hunting is a goldmine of information on each caribou herd (including relative trophy potential), advice on where-to-go, planning, meat care and air taxis, in short, just about all the information a caribou hunter is looking for. There are also plenty of photos of trophy bulls.
Dall Sheep Hunting in Alaska Sheep Hunting in Alaska: The Dall Sheep Hunter’s Guide is the newest and best reference book for Dall sheep hunters. In addition to the material from the first edition, this edition also contains extensive instruction on getting into “sheep shape,” advice on the newest footwear, clothing, gear and food for the weight-conscious hunter. The latest adaptations of sheep to increased hunting pressure and the newest strategies for achieving hunting success are discussed. A new section with some of the author’s most memorable hunts had been added, including the story of the World Record Pope & Young Dall sheep. Anyone who hunts or wants to hunt Dall sheep should read this classic.
Dall Sheep Hunting in Alaska The Quest for Dall Sheep This is an outstanding book, loaded with great hunting and flying stories from a magical era in big game hunting. If you are interested in adventurous hunting in the deep wilderness, you will love this book. Includes stories on moose, caribou, sheep, wolves, and more .
Alaska Air Taxi List The Air Taxi List is one of the most complete lists available of Alaska’s air taxis, also known as bush pilots, air carriers or air transporters. This page also includes other valuable links for researching your flying service.
Mature Dall Ram Dall Sheep Hunting List A list you might find very useful for planning a backpacking hunt. A good page to bookmark.
Big Bull Moose Alaska Hunting List A general list for planning your Alaska hunt. Don’t forget to bookmark.
Pristine Ventures A note from my friend Larry Bartlett:Pristine Ventures supports the growing interests in Do-It-Yourself Alaska Adventure, and our strengths exist with remote operations for river travel, hunting, and serious wilderness adventure. We offer Products, Resources, and Professional Services to support those strengths, which are available to improve the quality of your Alaska adventures for big game hunting, wilderness exploration, and river travel.