Wild Ponies near Mt. Rogers

Wild Ponies on Grayson Highlands
April 29, Mile 484
There were many wild ponies in this area near Mt. Rogers, including many mares with young foals.

Little Wolf Creek

Little Wolf Creek
May 3, Mile 568
This was one of those classic scenes of the Trail; a foot-bridge over a beautiful creek crossing.

Wind Rock

Wind Rock
May 7, Mile 645
One of the countless overlooks along the trail. It was amazing how skillfully the trail is routed to keep it in wild country.

Virginia Farmland in the Evening

Sinking Creek Valley
May 7, Mile 657
Having grown up on a farm, I enjoyed the stretches of trail running through farmlands. Here are some scenic farms in Virginia.

Fog on the trail

Fog in the Appalachians
May 9, Mile 679
Often in the mornings you could look down upon the ranges of lower mountains and see clouds laying low in the valleys.

McAfee Knob
McAfee Knob
May 9, Mile 693

I doubt there are many hikers who don’t get a photo of this breath-taking rock overhang known as McAfee Knob.


Rhododendron Blossoms
May 10
I enjoyed the spring flowers, but most paled compared to the sight and fragrance of the spectacular Rhododendron blossoms. It was hard to believe they were wild.

Tye River Bridge

Limerick at Tye River
May 14, Mile 813
I hiked with Robyn for about a week. She got her trail name from her poetic shelter journal entries.

Hightop Hut

Hightop Hut
May 18, Mile 884
Two section hikers from NYC with Limerick. The weather was in a raining mood, and the shelters were handy for hanging wet clothes and gear.


Black Bear
May 22, Mile 949
A black bear I spotted from the trail. He wasn’t paying attention, because I had plenty of time to dig out my camera and get a shot. I was king when it came to spotting bears early on, but never saw another past Virginia. I didn’t talk to one hiker that had bear problems.

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