New England

Short Road Walk, Gorham
July 17, Mile 1872
New Hampshire and Maine tended to be steep, but this stretch of trail was about as mellow and pleasant as you could get. On the extreme left of the photo you can just see one of the white blazes that mark the trail from Georgia to Maine.

Mahoosuc Notch

Mahoosuc Notch, Maine
July 18, Mile 1893

This is another stretch of trail that is spoken of in dramatic terms. Although there is plenty of scrambling over, under, and around boulders, you’ll probably find it’s well worth it for the experience and photo ops.

Baldpate Mountain, Maine

Baldpate Mountain
July 19, Mile 1905

It was fun cruising along this stretch of open rock with “Del,” who hiked from Key West to the end of the IAT and beyond.

Traveling Light

Dreadnought’s Tarp

Dreadnought basically took up backpacking the day he started his thru-hike. He went for the Jardine-style ultralite methods, which, judging from his speed, worked well for him!

Maine Sunset

Sunset, Pierce Pond Shelter
July 25, Mile 2013

For those who love the trail, it’s magic moments like this that define the experience.

Rock Overhang

Rock Overhang
July 27, Mile 2033

I sure wish I could have come across one of these on a rainy day!

Trail Lunch

My Lightweight Cooking Gear
July 30, Mile 2087

One small pot, windscreen with two tent stakes run through it to form a stand, gripper, cover, spoon and lighter, along with a Trangia alcohol stove and 20 oz. fuel bottle; all in a ripstop stuffsack.

Potaywadjo Spring Lean-to

Potaywadjo Spring Lean-to, Maine
July 31, Mile 2110

Whether you called them shelters or lean-tos, this is the classic design seen here in the 100-Mile Wilderness and along the length of the trail.

Pemadumcook Lake

Katahdin and Pemadumcook Lake
July 31, Mile 2121

Katahdin fills northbound thru-hikers with a sense of anticipation and accomplishment, as well as a nostalgia for the trail life they are about to leave behind.

Baxter Park

Baxter Park
August 2, Mile 2159

The last full day on the trail.

End of the Trail

Katahdin, GA > ME
August 3, Mile 2168

The famous sign marking the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, and the end of a great adventure.

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