Potomac River & Harper’s Ferry
May 25, Mile 1024

Harper’s Ferry is the psychological half-way point for the Appalachian Trail. It’s fun to check in at the ATC office and see their hiker-photo album and to have your own picture taken. I also enjoyed a hot shower, a couple of good meals, and touring the historic areas of town. This photo was taken looking back as I left town.

Mid-Point Marker

Half-Way! Me and Lady Oracle
May 28, Mile 1083

It’s traditional to eat a half-gallon of ice cream at the half-way point. I ate a half-gallon of ice cream several times on the hike. Most thru-hikers find they can use all the calories they can eat!

Pennsylvania Farmlands

The Pinnacle, Pennsylvania Farmlands
June 4, Mile 1207

This is one of the most scenic overlooks in PA. Many dayhikers were picnicking on the rocks.

Rocky Trail

Pennsylvania Rocks

Although the rocks may not be as bad as some horror stories would have you believe, there were some VERY rocky stretches of trail, such as this one.


Plank Walkway Crossing Swamp
June 11, Mile 1324

I always enjoyed the plank walkways which allowed you to cross swamps dry-shod. This was an especially pretty stretch of trail.

Wind Rock

Near the Lemon Squeezer
June 14, Mile 1367

Here the trail passes through a narrow gap in the rocks, making a tight squeeze for backpack toting hikers.

Log Ladder

Log Ladder

There were a few of these log ladders along the trail. More common were “stiles” (steps) crossing barb-wire fences along the way. In some of the steepest stretches of trail, rebar handle/steps were drilled into the rock.


Dartmouth Green, New Hampshire
July 6, Mile 1726

Variety is the spice of life, and I really enjoyed the beautiful New England towns.

Mt. Lafayette

White Mountains
July 11, Mile 1803

As is often the case, there was a cold wind blowing the fog around on top of Mt. Lafayette. Rain showers came and went, creating a classic hypothermia situation. I was appalled to see a boy scout troop without rain gear here!


Steep, Slippery Trails!
July 15

This is Lindsey and Roscoe. Where the trail ran down steep rock faces, it often became so slippery in the rain that the trail was genuinely hazardous. Many an unwary, or unlucky, thru-hiker has ended the hike early with a serious leg injury in this area.

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