Drying and sorting at Jim’s house

July 29-30

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It was a luxury having two full days to take care of “town chores” which left some time to relax.

It was wonderful to take a hot shower and do laundry. I used a clippers to cut off my white beard. Really gives me a different look!

I laid out all my gear to dry, then sorted out my kayaking gear and the backpacking gear I’d mailed here from Yankton.

Jim gave me a hand touching up kayak and paddle dings with epoxy. They should be in good shape to make the final water leg of the trip in a month or so.

I drove into Butte to buy supplies. Now that I think of it I don’t think I’d driven since Yankton, nearly three months ago.

Jim kept us well fed and it was nice spending a couple of mornings putting on dry clean clothes and drinking hot coffee.

Tomorrow Jim will drive me back to Three Forks and I’ll start walking again. It will be a good change of pace. I love Montana. Colter

Trip overview and route map with position updates: