My laundry dried out well. I watched the news as I sorted and packed my gear, looking for any bits of trash to throw out. 

It was another chilly morning. Excelsior Springs is a nice town. The part of town I walked out of had a medical theme, clinics, pharmacies, a hospital.  




Walking cross country with a pack is apparently an unusual thing to do, cattle notice, horses notice, dogs, people. I was really surprised to see these zebras, and the seemed just as intrigued to see me. They had to come over to check me out. I’m unsure why they were in that field.  

I exchanged texts with old Alaska Smokejumper Sean Phillips. We are going to meet tomorrow. That will be fun. He mentioned to watch for the Jesse James Farm turnoff and it turned out to be not far away. Historically interesting, but I’m not a fan of that thief and murderer. (Jesse, not Sean.)

The rout passed under I35, the same interstate that runs past my home town of Rush City. I stopped nearby for a burger. 

It was a beautiful day for hiking but this has been my least favorite stretch of road to walk. The shoulders are so narrow I often have to walk down in the ditch when a car comes. Fortunately the ditch right-of-way is wide and often mowed. I found a nice place to camp at about 6pm. Several deer trotted away as I approached. 


Sunday June 24th...I joined the Boat theis morning with a fat Bear & two Deer, last evining I Struck the river about 6 miles (by land) abov the Boat, and finding it too late to get to the Boat, and the wind blowing So hard Down the river that She could not assend, I concluded to Camp, altho I had nothing but my hunting Dress, & the Musquitors Ticks & Knats verry troublesom, I concid to hunt on a Willow Isd. Situated close under the Shore, in Crossing from an Island, I got mired, and was obliged to Craul oat, a disegreeable Situation & a Diverting one of any one who Could have Seen me after I got out, all Covered with mud, I went my Camp & Craped off the Mud and washed my Clothes, and fired off my gun which was answered by George Drewyer who was in persute of me & came up at Dark we feasted of meet & water the latter we made great use of being much fatigued & thirsty…

Trip overview and route map with position updates: