July 12, Day 111

It was a pleasant mild day. I walked the 1.5 miles or so to the cafe for another big breakfast where I got partially caught up posting some of my journal days.

A barber pole was spinning a few blocks away so I stopped for a haircut and beard trim. The haircut made a big difference but the beard trim is hardly noticeable.

A book store sign drew me to browse and I bought a book about the Indians before Lewis and Clark.

Back at camp I used a special fiberglass/resin repair kit to reinforce the edges of my paddle blades. It will definitely work dramatically better than duct tape but beyond that I’m not sure.

I replaced a duct tape patch on my pants with a clear patch, and made a quality duct tape repair to my shoes which should last until I get new shoes in Great Falls.

In the afternoon I walked to the library and looked at an atlas of Lewis and Clark maps. Later I ate a big meal of Surf and Turf, followed up a few blocks away by a banana split at the ice cream place.

There are dozens of interesting historical signs and statues and whatnot here. This was the highest point of steamboat traffic, accessible only during the highest water. It was a wild town and the hub of the region at one time.

Fort Benton Corps of Discovery Statue

There are less than 250 miles left to Three Forks, the start of the Missouri River proper. I will probably start hiking again there.

My morale and health is good. The next big challenges will be the fast water between here and Great Falls and the big portage there. Colter

Trip overview and route map with position updates: