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This is a list of gear I used on my thru-hike of the Desert Trail. Some figures might be slightly off. If you see any egregious errors please let me know. I changed some items along the way. This list reflects what I used the most or worked the best. If I were to do this hike again, I’d use a wide-brimmed sun hat with a chin cord for wind, at least to Burns or so. I was going to carry a lighter down jacket, and am very glad I didn’t. It can get very cold on the Desert Trail.Please see the links to the right for more information. Thank for visiting!

BIG 4 Weight
Backpack ULA CDT
19.7 oz
Shelter Hexamid Solo Tent, stakes, guylines 10.5 oz
Sleeping Bag Marmot Hydrogen 23 oz
Sleeping Pad EvoPad 83x20x1/2″ (Cut in 3 pieces: 1/2, 1/4, 1/4. Stacked for sleeping in 2 layers. One small piece used for pack backpad, the other for a sit-pad.) 14.3 oz
Subtotal 4 lbs 3.5 ozs
Hiking Socks Darn Tough 1/4 Sock Merino Cushion 2.4 oz
Thermal Bottom Patagonia Capilene Midweight
part of sleep system
7 oz
Jacket MontBell Alpine Light Down Jacket 16 oz
Underwear Under Armour Boxerjock 4.8 oz
Rain Shell Outdoor Research Zealot 7.7 oz
Sleeping Socks Possumdown “Leisure socks” 2 oz
Balaclava Turtlefur 1.4 oz
Subtotal 2 lbs 9ozs
Stove/Pot/Stand None until the Blue Mountains 0 oz
Fuel None until the Blue Mountains 0 oz
Utensils Lexan Spoon 0.2 oz
Ignition Mini Bics (2) 1 oz
Can Opener P-38 (2) Will be caching some canned food 0.3
Food Varies
Water Varies
Subtotal 0 lbs 1.5 ozs
Water Carriers Platypus Hoser 3 Liter 3.8 oz
Water Bottles Two 1 quart Gatorade bottles 3 oz
I often carried full gallon jugs out of caches in addition to my other water
Treatment Aqua Mira ‘A’ and ‘B’ bottles 3 oz
Subtotal 0 lbs 9.8 ozs

Guidebook Desert Trail Guidebook (Tabor) 5.8 oz
Maps, Info Info sheets, Benchmark (DeLorme -style) maps 0.7
Compass Tiny button compass 0.2 oz
Pocket Knife Victorinox Classic 0.7 oz
Subtotal 0 lbs 7.4ozs
Toilet paper Small amount 1 oz
Toothbrush Cut in half 1.5 oz
Toothpaste Small tube 1 oz
Floss Tiny one (sewing needle carried inside) 0.5 oz
First Aid/Medicine Immodium, Ibuprofin, Antacids, Antihist, Lip Balm 1 oz
Sunscreen Small tube 1 oz
Subtotal 0 lbs 6 ozs
Sleeping Bag Sack Cuben with turkey roasting bag liner (estimated weight) 0.4 oz
Pack Liner Hefty 18 gal? Trash compactor bag 2.2 oz
Spare Glasses With case and sunglass clip-ons 2.5 oz
Cordage Parachute Cord 10 feet 0.8 oz
Tripod Ultrapod 2 oz
Clamp iStabilizer Mount Smartphone Tripod Mount .6 oz
Duct Tape 5 feet 0.3 oz
Food Sack Zpacks Large “Blast” Food Bag 0.4 oz
Wallet Ziplock snack bag .1 oz
Monocular Brunton 7×18 1.8 oz
Subtotal 0 lbs 11.1 ozs
iPhone GPS, Camera, Phone, Internet, more. 5 oz
iPhone cable iPhone to Solar Charger 0.6 oz
sCharger-5 Solar Charger 8.4 oz
SanDisk m250 MP3 Player w/case Radio, Audio Journal, MP3 w/battery 1.8 oz
Lights Photon II Microlight x 2 0.3 oz
Subtotal 15.2 ozs
Total Base Weight (before Blue Mtns) 9 lbs 8 oz.
Underwear Underarmor Boxerjock 4.8 oz
Gaiters Dirtygirl 1.2 oz
Long Sleeve Shirt Campmor (Nylon) 8.8 oz
Pants Mountain Hardwear Mesa 12.7 oz
Socks Darn Tough, 1/4 Sock, Cushion 2.4 oz
Shoes ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 16 28 oz
Sunglasses Prescription 1 oz
Sun Hat Ball cap 2.8 oz
Bandana Neck shade, multiuse 1.2 oz
Trekking Pole 1 Titanium Goat AGP (doubles as shelter pole) 3.4 oz
Subtotal 4 lbs 0.1 ozs
Rain Mitts eVENT Rain Mitts 1.2 oz
Rain Pants Montbell Versalight 9.7 oz
Insect Repellant DEET 1 oz
Gloves Possumdown gloves 1.5 oz
Stove/Pot/Stand Caldera Keg 6.3 oz
Bottle and alcohol fuel Generic 6 oz
Total BASE WEIGHT (after Blue Mtns) 11 lbs 2 oz.